Decend on Bend


A few weeks ago Leanne and I headed south to a place called Hole in the Ground Oregon to meet up for the second annual "Descend on Bend".  The Purpose of the trip was to build community, meet new friends, and find rest by escaping the electronic culture that we are steeped in.  

We spent 3 lovely days adventuring around the area, cooking over a campfire, and singing late into the night. Our voices were aided only by the stillness of the location and a helpful dose of local bourbon. It is these times when I feel most at home.  

As a child of the 80’s I still remember life before cell phones,  google maps, and the internet.  Long before social media defined who we are and who we may become, and while there were still authentic human interactions on a regular basis.  I love moments like these where the authenticity of relationship is allowed to flow uninhibited by technology. It is moments like these that are real; creation living simply in creation.