Novo Life Counseling 

Drew is Co-Founder and VP of Novo Life Counseling, an organization that exists to help others live their lives to the fullest. Providing comprehensive mental health services to a wide range of clients in the US and abroad, Novo Life Counseling is pioneering new ways to think about mental health and treatment. Drew has spent more than a decade researching Neurofeedback and is the premier provider of LENS Neurofeedback in Seattle.


A bit more about founding Novo...

Having both worked at high levels in the corporate and creative fields, Drew and Leanne Konzelman both quit their jobs in 2011 to build an organization that would have in impact. After both graduating with their Master's Degrees in Counseling Psychology, they founded Novo Life Counseling, a corporation that exists to promote the idea that "everyone is capable of living their life to the fullest".  Currently the company is growing and providing mental health and consulting services to clients in the US and around the world. Visit the Novo Life website for information and to get involved.